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Nearly one million Northwest homes rely on inefficient and expensive electric resistance or electric forced-air heat. A ductless heating and cooling system is a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to a conventional ducted system. This market offers high growth potential and is a perfect opportunity to expand your business.

Project Support for Installers

As a participating installer, you will have access to Project marketing materials, quarterly updates, image library, sales tools and technical training. You will also receive a listing on our website's Installer Finder page, which is available to consumers and generates sales leads.

Utility Rebates

Participating utilities offer homeowner rebates of up to $1,500 for qualifying ductless system installations, which can help make units even more affordable and attractive for consumers. For details on rebate offered by local utilities and their eligibility requirements, view the Utility Participation List (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet).

Steps to Participate

The Project is seeking qualified contractors to install residential ductless heating and cooling systems in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Qualified contractors are listed on our Installer Finder. Contractors who are interested in becoming qualified installers should take the following steps

1. Complete manufacturer training for each brand you install

2. Confirm homeowner, system and installer eligibility with your local electric utility (common requirements)

3. Complete NW Ductless Heat Pump Installer Orientation

Visit our Training Centers page to find ductless training centers near you, and be sure to visit the In-Person Training page to learn more about upcoming classes and events from utilities, distributors and DHP manufacturers.


Learn what it takes to become a Master Installer and take advantage of:

  • An opportunity to differentiate yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable professional
  • A highlighted listing on our Installer Finder
  • Use of the Master Installer logo on your website and business collateral