Rebate Eligibility Requirements

In order to offer your customers attractive utility rebates, many Northwest utilities require the following eligibility requirements be met. Always confirm requirements with each utility before performing an installation.

Equipment and Installation Requirements

Consult this Best Practices Guide to help secure rebates for your customers every time. Quality installations are key to keeping homes comfortable, saving homeowners money, and ensuring a long life for the system. Some of the installations requirements include:

  • Be ductless (units using any type of field-installed duct system are typically not eligible)
  • Employ an inverter-driven outdoor compressor unit and a variable speed fan or indoor blower
  • Use R410A refrigerant
  • Provide energy efficiency (minimum HSPF of 9.00 for single zone ductless systems and 8.00 for multi-zone ductless systems, please check with your local utility for details*)
  • Secure the outdoor unit to a level, stable surface with adjustable risers
  • Cover entire line set length with insulation
  • Protect outdoor line set with rigid line hide
  • Use an insulative sealant for the home shell penetration
  • Provide proper slope and termination of condensate drain
  • Take time to educate the homeowner on proper settings, cleaning and maintenance of their new DHP system. This Homeowners Maintenance Guide is a useful leave-behind resource for the homeowner.

Some utilities participate in the Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) ductless heat pump program. Download BPA's Qualified Products List (link downloads Microsoft Excel document) for more information about eligible products.

Residence Requirements

  • Must have permanently installed zonal electric heat (such as electric baseboard, wall and ceiling heat) or an electric forced-air furnace as the primary heating system (see the Utility Participation List for eligibility)
  • Must be existing single-family homes (four or fewer dwelling units) with a permanent foundation. Some utilities offer rebates for larger multi-family buildings (five or more dwelling units, up to three stories). Check with your local utility.
  • Manufactured homes are eligible for rebates by some utilities (see the Utility Participation List)
  • New construction homes may be eligible for rebates from some utilities (see the Utility Participation List)
  • Secondary heat is allowed (e.g., wood, propane or oil)
  • Only one rebate available per residence

Installer Requirements**

  • Attend a NW Ductless Heat Pump Project Installer Orientation training. You can register for on-demand trainings here.
  • Supply contractor license number
  • Provide evidence of DHP manufacturer training
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date with the Program
  • Maintain at least one oriented installer on your staff (all staff are encouraged to become oriented)
  • Complete manufacturer training for each brand you install
  • Ensure homeowner eligibility with electric utility programs
  • Install qualified equipment (link downloads Microsoft Excel document)
  • Submit complete and accurate utility rebate paperwork
  • Follow your local utility requirements
  • Follow local building codes
  • Follow Best Practices

Some utilities have their own installer requirements and preferred installer networks. Please check with utilities in your area to confirm details.

*Some utilities may require a minimum HSPF requirement or particular product for ductless system rebates. Please check with your local utility for details and review BPA's Qualified Products List (link downloads Microsoft Excel document).

**Non-compliance with Project requirements and/or failed QA inspections may result in suspension or permanent removal from participation in the Project.