Thinking of Setting up a Ductless Heat Pump Program?

Nov 06, 2019

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Ductless heating and cooling systems — sometimes referred to as ductless mini-splits — provide a host of benefits for homeowners with electric resistance style heating. Not only are ductless heat pumps energy efficient and able to cut electric heating bills by up to 25%–50%, these systems are affordable and easy to install compared to ducted heating systems. What’s more, rebates from electric utilities can offset the installation cost considerably.

For community based organizations, ductless systems can be an affordable way to assist clients in lowering utility bills and dramatically increasing home comfort. Ductless heat pumps not only save money, they improve home occupant comfort by providing more even heat and adding cooling to a home. As an added benefit, ductless heat pumps provide air filtering and moisture removal – making these systems far more beneficial compared to electric baseboards or wall heaters.

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project developed two resources specifically for community based organizations that are considering developing a ductless heat pump program for the clients they serve.

Recommended Best Practices for a Ductless Heat Pump Program for Community Organizations

This report includes a collection of best practices and lessons learned gleaned from community organizations around the Northwest that have successfully implemented ductless heat pump programs for their communities.

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Request for Proposal Guide for Ductless Heat Pump Bulk Installation for Community Organizations

This document provides examples of ductless heat pump-related Request for Proposals (RFPs) that could be utilized by community organizations in the creation of a ductless heat pump program for their clients. A summary has been provided for each sample to provide a sense of how an RFP can be created that aligns with the individual needs of a community organization. Certainly, other variations are possible, and resources are available from The Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Project and Spark Northwest to support community organizations in the creation of their own RFPs.

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For more information about the benefits of a ductless heat pump and how the system works, visit the Why Ductless page. For guidance on working with installers, the installation process and factors that influence price, visit the Ductless Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide.

If you are considering ductless heat pumps for your client population, reach out to your utility to find out more about resources and support they offer. You can also contact program staff at with any questions about how to get started.