Fujitsu Is Upgrading Its Ductless Product Line in 2020

Mar 12, 2020

Fujitsu has announced three new ductless product lines will be hitting the North American market in March 2020.

Fujitsu is upgrading certain product lines in its Halcyon series, including replacing its RL models with new LZ models. The new models improve performance and comfort with new fans, occupancy sensing capability, advanced base pan heaters, and upgraded extra capacity systems.

The new Halcyon LZ models improve efficiency through increased fan performance and a new Wi-Fi-enabled Energy Saving Program (ESP) function. With the ESP function, the system actively monitors occupancy of the zone and adjusts system settings accordingly to increase energy savings. Once the system detects an occupant, it reverts to user-defined settings in order to maintain comfort. This system is also compatible with Fujitsu’s FGLair smart phone system control application.

The Halcyon xltH series is Fujitsu’s improved design for cold climates. The outdoor compressor unit comes pre-equipped with a base pan heater. Perhaps more significant, the outdoor condensing units operate in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°F.

Fujitsu is also upgrading the three-quarter and one-ton mid-high tier inverter-driven ductless heat pump system and introducing the new LM series. The new LM series features a high efficiency heat pump system, new indoor unit design, and revamped controls architecture. Control options for these units include Fujitsu’s FGLair app, third-party smart thermostats, as well as smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home*.

*Certain restrictions and limitations apply. For additional information contact your Fujitsu representative.