New Recommendations for Ductless Heat Pump Installations in Cold Climates

Sep 22, 2020

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is pleased to announce the availability of a new resource for ductless heat pump contractors and utilities in cold climates (in this context, cold climates are defined as IECC Climate Zones 5 and 6 and Northwest Power and Conservation Council Heating Zones 2 and 3). The Project now has an installation guide for installers who work in the cold climates, which are typically found at higher elevations in the northwest and in most areas of Idaho, Montana and east of the Cascade Range where winter temperatures challenge the performance of traditional ductless systems.


International Energy Conservation Code: Climate Zones - United States

Hz1 3 Map

Northwest Power and Conservation Council: Heating Zones by County

The new resource draws from the Cold Climate DHP Specification and Recommendations published in 2019 and contains nine key practices installers can use to achieve greater energy savings and homeowner satisfaction. When followed, these practices can reduce callbacks and improve the reliability and energy efficient operation of the ductless heat pump. We created this document with installers in mind by using images and accessible language to outline the most important steps for a cold-climate installation. The installer guide is not an exhaustive installation manual, nor is it designed to replace manufacturer training instructions or the Best Practices Installer Guide. Instead, the resource gives installers an accessible, easy-to-use guide for installing reliable and efficient heating and cooling systems in the Northwest’s colder climate areas.

NEEA staff will also be hosting a webinar for utilities and program implementers to introduce details on the recommended installation practices and the Northwest specifications for cold-climate ductless heat pumps. The webinar is scheduled for Monday, November 30 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM PT.

Do you operate a program that is interested in offering technical trainings on cold climate installation practices? Learn more about our current contractor webinar offerings and how you can schedule one here.